The Society for Remediation of Radioactive Contamination in Environment



Journal of the Society for Remediation of Radioactive
Contamination in the Environment
Vol.4, No.1 Contents


For the Early Recovery of Affected Area in Fukushima Prefecture from the Radioactive Contaminants Kazuro SATO 1


Development of the Radiocesium in situ Measurement System Using
the Benthic Radiation Sensor "Minasoko"
Motoaki IKUNO 3

Research Reports

Municipalities' Opinions about Decontamination in Special Decontamination Area:
Records from Four and a Half Years after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident
Development of Cesium Recovery System for High Efficiency and Volume Reduction
- Behavior of Cesium salt in Combustion Treatment of Prussian Blue -
Junichi MUNEZAWA, Noboru ITOU, Ryouichi OGATA, Soya INOUE, Yusuke INABA, and Miki HARIGAI 35

Special Issue on the 10th Seminar ②
Review Papers

Expectation and Task for Constructing the Volume Reduction System of Removed Soils
~ In Search of the Technical Integrity from the Intermediate Storage to Final Disposal ~
Hisaki MORI 47
Volume Reduction System by Soil Classifying; Soil-washing System and Problems to Be Solved Yoshio OSHINO, Purified Soil Working Group in Technical Advisory Council on
Remediation and Waste Management

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