The Society for Remediation of Radioactive Contamination in Environment



Journal of the Society for Remediation of Radioactive
Contamination in the Environment
Vol.3, No.3 Contents


The Contribution of Our Society to Environment Control (Protection and Improvement) and to Improve Safety and Relief of People's Lives from a Long-term Perspective Kozo ISHIDA 115

Special Report of Research Workshop

The 4th Annual meeting of SRRCE in Tokyo 116


Accumulative Behavior of Radioactive Cesium during the Incineration of Municipal Solid Waste Shinji MIZUHARA, Katsuya KAWAMOTO, Tomoharu MAESETO, Hidetoshi KURAMOCHI, and Masahiro OSAKO 139
Effects of Soil Stripping and Dressing for Decontamination of Radioactive Materials on Soil Fertility of Agricultural Land Namiko YOSHINO, Hiroyuki KOBAYASHI, Yoshihiko TAKAHASHI, and Kunihito SAITO 145

Research Note

Solidification Technique of Biomass Ash Ami KUMAGAI, Nagayoshi SHIMA, and Michio SATO 153


Municipalities’ Opinions about Decontamination in Special Decontamination Area:
Records from Three and a Half Years after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident

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